Protect your Kidney from AKI (Acute Kidney Injury)..

Avoid Acute Kidney Injury frequently by protecting yourself from..

⚠ Vomiting /diarrhoea /dehydration.

⚠ Too high / too low BP.

⚠ Flu /fever /infection /sepsis.

⚠ Body injuries /accidents /surgery/anesthesia.

⚠ CT scan with contrast.

⚠ Poisoning /toxin /toxic antibiotic.

⚠ Pain gel /plaster /NSAID 💊.

⚠ Kidney stones.

⚠ Heart attack.

⚠ Too much 💦 water & salt intake.

⚠ Liver virus by taking vaccine.

⚠ Frequent dehydration during air travel and holidays.

⚠ Traditional medicines

(These are advices from references, not compulsion)