Kidney medicine and kidney failure advice.

©published 2013.07.04 updated 2021.12.04

Kidney medicine and kidney failure advice.

©published 2013.07.04 updated 2021.12.04


Meticulously comply with doctor's treatment with regular followup. 


Other than making urine, your Kidney has many important functions. Failing kidney cannot perform its many kinds of Jobs, it needs help to make up with these deficiencies.

  • The following statements will help you understand, and you will be able to follow instructions accordingly:

😣 Take less salt (5gm/day) and required amount of water.

😣 Take Lasix 💊 to get rid of excess water by consulting kidney specialist.

😣 Keep your weight stable (BMI<25).

😣 Check BP at home, keep it within limits.

😣 Check glucose before meals weekly, keep it <7

😣 Visit dietician,

⚠ Minimize fruits / vegetables rich in potassium (<2g/day), phosphate (<0.8g/day), oxalate (<0.2g/day) and protein (<0.8g/kg/day).

😣 Keep hemoglobin (Hb) 11-12g/dl, take iron pills💊, If needed get Erythropoietin injection 💉 prescribed by kidney specialist.

😣 Take vitamin supplements and Calcium 💊 with food. You may also need active Vit D.

😣 Take ACEI / ARB / MRA according to doctor's advise.

😣 Vaccinate💉 yourself against influenza, pneumonia and Hepatitis B virus. 

😣 Check blood urea, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, creatinine, glucose, cholesterol, calcium, phosphate , iPTH, Hb and eGFR every 2-6 months depending on your Kidney doctor's advice.

😣 Do not forget your heart and liver conditions.

😣 Remember to bring your medicines for doctors to check during your follow up appointment.


Be smart and be vigilant

Be brave and be confident