Meticulously comply with doctor's treatment with regular followup ..

Failing kidney cannot do its many Jobs, it needs help..

😣 Take less salt (5gm/day) and required amount of water.

😣 Take Lasix 💊 to get rid of excess water by consulting kidney specialist.

😣 Keep your weight stable (BMI<25).

😣 Check BP at home, keep it within limits.

😣 Check glucose before meals weekly, keep it <7

😣 Visit dietician,

⚠ to avoid fruits/vegetables rich in potassium (2gm/day), phosphate (0.8gm/day) and protein (0.8gm/kg/day).

😣 Keep Hb 11-12g/dl, take iron 💊, If needed sc Epoetin 💉 given by kidney specialist.

😣 Take vitamin supplements and Calcium 💊 with food. You may also need active Vit D.

😣 Take ACEI/ARB/MRA according to doctor's advise.

😣 Vaccinate💉 yourself for Flu, Pneumonia and HBV.

😣 Check blood urea, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, creatinine, glucose, cholesterol, calcium, phosphate , iPTH, Hb and eGFR every 2-6 months depending on your Kidney doctor's advice.

😣 Don't forget your heart and liver conditions.

😣 Remember to bring your medicines for doctors to check during your follow up appointment.

(These are advices from references, not compulsion)