Keep calm and carry on ..

May be after 5, 10, 20 years (or never) kidney stops working.. Make plan early..

⚒ Get your ACP (advance care plan) ready. Approach MSW (medical social service).

⚒ Decide for future dialysis/transplant when Creatinine worsens to 400 umol/L (4.6 mg/dL) as per your Kidney doctors advice. Talk to RC (renal coordinator).

⚒ Get AVF (AV fistula) done for haemodialysis. Visit VS (vascular surgeon).

⚒ Or get TK catheter when Cr further worsens to 600 umol/L (7 mg/dl) for peritoneal dialysis.

⚒ Or get a donor for transplant this time. Visit TC (transplant coordinator).

⚒ Do not lag behind.

(These are advices from references, not compulsion)