Control kidney failure to halt it

🎮 Control high blood pressure, try to keep less than 140/90 mmHg (130/80 if you have protein leak in urine). This matters - not the number of 💊 you take.

🎮 Control diabetes, HbA1C less than 7%.

🎮 Control nephritis by continuing some immunosuppressive medicines given by your kidney specialist regularly.

🎮 Control urine protein as low as possible, at least less than 1 by maximising ACEI / ARB / MRA, and eating less protein.

🎮 Control BMI to less than 25 by eating less fatty /oily /calorie rich food.

🎮 Control water overload by moderating water intake.

🎮 Control blood cholesterol by diet check and medicine.

🎮 Do not get heart attack, control your heart by medicines and diet.

🎮 Control lifestyle, do not get urine infection frequently.

(These are advices from references, not compulsion)